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Digestive Health Issues & Treatments

Mylanta offers this information to help you learn more about digestive health problems, their treatment and the products available to relieve your symptoms.

While many digestive health problems are common and easily treated with the medicine mentioned here, some stomach symptoms can warn of more serious problems.

This guide is not a substitute for reading product label information. Always consult with a doctor when you have any questions or concerns about your digestive health.

Heartburn and Acid Indigestion
The causes of heartburn are very common, leading many people to have sour stomach and other symptoms of acid indigestion. Changes in diet and lifestyle and other heartburn prevention measures may reduce or stop your heartburn.

If you do need heartburn treatment, there are a wide variety of over-the-counter remedies available. Or, you may need to seek the advice of a doctor for more serious symptoms.

Another common digestive problem is the bloating, pressure and discomfort of excess gas. The causes of gas can be commonplace, such as air swallowing, some everyday foods and beverages, poor muscle tone, smoking, chewing gum and even wearing tight-fitting clothes. At times, medicine may be necessary to help expel the excess gas that gets trapped in your stomach and intestines.

When everything is working correctly, cells lining the small intestine absorb nutrients and water as food and liquid move through. You get diarrhea when irritated cells keep the nutrients and water from being absorbed, or sometimes when they cause your intestines to move things through too fast.

Lactose Intolerance
If you get an upset stomach after eating dairy foods, you may be lactose-intolerant. An estimated one in five Americans are lactose intolerant. The trouble starts if your body lacks the ability to digest lactose, the sugar in dairy foods such as milk, ice cream, yogurt and cheese. Undigested lactose can cause excess gas, bloating, diarrhea and other problems.

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