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relief in ONE
powerful tablet

Coats and cools with twice
the coating power.

Trust the #1


liquid antacid brand.

See how Mylanta is faster
than heartburn®.

Serious medicine that
works on contact
and tastes great.

Heartburn after dinner?
Try Mylanta Tonight.

Extra-strength gas relief
in convenient
mini tablets.

Trust the #1 Doctor-Recommended Liquid Antacid Brand

For fast relief of heartburn and gas, you can count on Mylanta - the #1 doctor-recommended liquid antacid brand that's also America's most popular.

When you’re looking for fast, powerful relief from heartburn, acid indigestion and gas, Mylanta is the go-to choice for both consumers and doctors. Choose great-tasting, soothing liquid Mylanta with coating power that starts to neutralize acid on contact. Or, take all-in-one Mylanta ONE for powerful heartburn and gas relief in a single tablet dose. They go to work at the source of symptoms so you get relief fast. And they’re gentle on your body, so you can use them as directed any day you have heartburn. And don’t forget Mylanta Gas Minis, for quick relief of gas discomfort in a convenient, on-the-go dispenser.

Get rid of uncomfortable heartburn and gas in a hurry with Mylanta. See our in-store coupon for extra savings or buy now on Amazon.

Did you know Mylanta treats gas and bloating too?

Did you know Mylanta treats gas and bloating too?

All Mylanta liquid formulations are tough on heartburn, but also relieve uncomfortable gas. Learn more about the causes of that bloated feeling in your stomach.

What causes heartburn? And how can I prevent it?

What causes heartburn? And how can I prevent it?

Stomach acid breaks down food as part of digestion. But sometimes that acid can enter your esophagus, causing heartburn. Learn more about preventing heartburn with these tips.  

Which heartburn treatment is right for me?

Which heartburn treatment is right for me?

Heartburn is not uncommon. Fortunately, when you do experience painful heartburn, you’ve got options for relief. Read more about the three types of heartburn medicine and how each one works to ease symptoms.

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