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Mylanta Unit Dose

Now in barcoded, unit Doses for medication management systems

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Mylanta Maximum Strength Classic Flavor
— 10 mL Single Dose Packets —

Clinically Effective

Powerful relief of heartburn, acid indigestion, and gas

Fast Relief

Starts to work on contact

Reduced Pharmacy Labor Costs

Barcoded unit-dose packets reduce time and effort

Mode of Action


Easy to Administer

No need for water; easy bedside dispensing with the tear-off spout

Clinical Profile

  • Mylanta’s coating action and acid neutralizing capacity quickly relieve the acid caused by refluxed stomach acid in the esophagus
  • Each 10 mL dose contains 800 mg Aluminum Hydroxide, 800 mg Magnesium Hydroxide, and 80 mg Simethicone for multi-symptom relief
  • Mylanta has the highest acid-neutralizing power – one 10 mL dose of Mylanta Maximum Strength has 45% more acid-neutralizing capacity than TUMS®*
  • For full attributes and indications, see Mylanta Products

Available in a carton of 24 single dose (10 mL) packets

Get barcoded unit doses
for medication management
systems and pharmacy efficiency

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  • * Based on 1 dose of Mylanta Maximum Strength vs 1 dose of TUMS® Extra Strength